Key Contacts

Contact Personnel 


Phone Number 

Mr. Leon Dowe Business/Financial Affairs  205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title 1, Part A 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title VI (Rural and Low Income) 205-372-4900
Ms. Makane Morrow Child Nutrition 205-372-3161
Ms. Angelia Hood Counseling and Guidance 205-372-4900
Mrs. Charla Jordan Elementary Curriculum 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Secondary Curriculum 205-372-3161
Mr. Robert M. Stewart Technology 205-372-4900
Ms. Dana Mc Millan  HIV/AIDS 205-372-3161
Mr. Lesley Carlisle Maintenance 205-372-3160
Mr. Robert M. Stewart Library Media/Instructional  Supplies 205-372-4900
Dr. James Carter Accreditation 205-372-3161
Dr. James Carter Personnel Evaluation 205-372-3161
Mrs. Sarah Brewer Human Resources/Personnel 205-372-3161
Dr. James Carter Public Information 205-372-3161
Ms. Dana McMillan Public Health 205-372-4900
Ms. Angelia Hood Special Education 205-372-9383
Ms. Angelia Hood Student Assessment/Testing 205-372-4900
Ms. Cindy Taylor Student Attendance 205-372-3789
Mr. Robert M. Stewart Textbooks 205-372-3161
Ms. Debra Waiters Homeless Liaison 205-315-1270
Ms. Angelia Hood IDEA Part B (Title VI-B) 205-372-9383
Mr. Joe Nathan Webb Transportation 205-372-3161
Dr. Rhinnie B. Scott Career and Technical Education 205-372-4636
Ms. Angelia Hood Section 504 205-372-9383
Mr. Leon Dowe E-Gap 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title 1, Part C (Migrant) 205-372-4900
Dr. Shayla McCray At-Risk/Alternative School 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title II, Part A (Teacher and Principal 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title III, Part A 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Title IV, Part B (21st CCLC) 205-372-4900
Ms. Angelia Hood Counseling Coordinator 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan English Language Learners (ELL) 205-372-4900
Ms. Charla Jordan Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) 205-372-4900
Mr. Robert M. Stewart STI Coordinator 205-372-4900
Mrs. Sarah Brewer Certification Coordinator 205-372-3161
Mrs. Sarah Brewer Background Reviews Contact 205-372-3161