Technology Initiatives
Makane Morrow, Technology Coordinator


  1. The goals of the Technology Department are to ensure that Greene County students, teachers, and administrators effectively use technology as an integrated tool for teaching, leading, and learning, by developing an instructional program that will enable students to develop problem solving, communication, social, and advanced technological skills needed to reach state, national, and international standards.
  2. Stakeholders will benefit from extensive, authentic educational opportunities and resources through the use of technology.
  3. Teachers and administrators will benefit from high-quality, technology research-based professional development necessary to achieve local, state, and national standards.
  4. Students, teachers and administrators will have access to the appropriate technology resources and infrastructure necessary to support teaching and learning.
  5. It is the vision of the Greene County Public School System to assist all stakeholders in developing technological competencies and skills necessary to compete on the economic world stage. This will be achieved by permeating every aspect of the education experience through authentic learning activities and meaningful professional development opportunities needed for meeting the challenges of the21st century. We will use technology to facilitate effective assessment and evaluate the efficacy of technology resources for the purposes of improving teaching, learning, communication, and productivity.
  6. Improve Education. Work to improve the overall quality of education received by students in the district. Be sensitive to equity issues and work to resolve inequities. Be an educational change agent. Participate in the development of curricular standards and benchmarks to encourage appropriate use of technology. Work with educators to develop lesson plans and activities involving use of technology to further attainment of educational goals. Inform teachers of new technologies or software which may assist in developing concepts of content specific materials. Be aware of technology trends and possible futures of the field of computers in education.
  7. Technical Competence. Remain technically competent. Continue to grow as a professional technology educator and as an educational leader. Be professionally active at regional or higher level meetings. Subscribe to technology-oriented educational publications and schedule regular time to read them. Keep apprised of changes in the technologies available and directions of future technology development.
  8. Assist faculty and staff in dealing with minor technical issues in order to maintain a positive attitude among educators about use of technologies and avoid frustrations and fear of technologies by those teachers unfamiliar with them. Perform simple maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures on equipment for efficient use of maintenance funds.