"One Vision, One Voice, One Victory...
Inspiring Every Student to Succeed!"

Dr. James Carter, Superintendent

Welcome to Greene County Schools website! We hope that you find it beneficial in your search for information about our school district and schools. Please use it throughout the year as you participate in your child's educational experiences. Your frequent visits will allow you to keep abreast of news and events. 

Our mission is to develop confident, knowledgeable, prepared students who have the attitudes, skills, and abilities to succeed at college and career in a global society. In order to accomplish this we will deliver high quality educational services in a supportive and innovative environment.

We acknowledge that the collaboration between parents and educators is essential to our students' success, so we encourage parental involvement. We also appreciate the citizens of Greene County who continuously display a commitment to education and high expectations, which encourage our pursuit for excellence.  

Therefore, it is our desire to provide a website that reflects “One Vision, One Voice, One Victory . . . inspiring every student to succeed”.  If you need additional assistance in locating information, please contact us. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, please come again.


James Carter