Enrollment Requirements

  • Children entering KINDERGARTEN must be FIVE YEARS OLD ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2. Children entering FIRST GRADE must be SIX YEARS OLD ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2. A child enrolling in school for the first time in kindergarten or 1st grade must present to the principal the following prior to enrollment:

     An official birth certificate

     Valid social security number

     Current immunization form

     Proof of residence


    All students seeking to enroll in the school system for the first time must present the following:

     Proof of residence

     Recent report card release from the last school attended

     Copy of immunization form

     Valid social security number

     Guardianship papers, in applicable

     Principal of receiving school will verify that the student is not currently suspended or expelled.



    A parent(s) MUST have a legal residence within the area served by the school system for his or her child(ren) to be eligible for enrollment in a school in the school system. An ADULT STUDENT (at least 19 years of age) may establish a legal residence based on applicable state laws.