Other Title Programs

  • Title II--Part A

    Funds may be used for recruitment, retention, and training of highly qualified teachers, principals, and when appropriate, paraprofessionals.  Also, funds are used for professional development including conducting needs assessment, developing a plan and appropriate delivery of services. Activities funded with these funds must be aligned with state academic content and student academic achievement standards and must be based on scientifically based research.  Title II-A funds must provide activities that have a substantial, measurable, and positive impact on student achievement and are to be used as part of a broader strategy to eliminate the achievement gap that separates low income and minority students from other students.

    Title VI

    This program provides funds to rural districts that serve concentrations of low-income students.

    Title X--Homeless Education

    Homeless Education supports children and youth who experience homelessness.  The education for homeless does not cause these children to be left behind in school. This grant provides school supplies and clothing for homeless children.

    Parents will receive notification if the district employs a teacher for over four weeks who does not meet highly qualified requirements.  Contact your child’s teacher or principal for more information.

    Qualifications of teachers and paraprofessional who instruct children of the local school system can be reviewed at the school or at the central office.

    The district has a written parent involvement policy.  If you have not reviewed this policy and would like to obtain a copy, please contact your child’s school.